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Generally, as long as the sensors are within bluetooth range of the smart hub (50m line of sight), installation is as simple as using the included adhesive to stick the sensor in place. For large cold or freezer rooms with thick walls that can block the bluetooth signal, small holes will need to be drilled to allow the use of sensor probes. 

For large premises, or locations where bluetooth reception would be limited, we recommend the use of multiple smart hubs to extend the range.

The sensor batteries last more than 24 months with regular use. When battery life is low, Celsi will mail out a replacement sensor.
As part of the subscription, any malfunctioning device will be replaced, provided it hasn’t been physically damaged or tampered with, at no extra cost. 

Real time monitoring means that the Celsi sensors take a reading every second, and the smart hub reports those readings every minute. Unlike most similar products in the marketplace that report temperatures every 10-15 minutes. Detailed minute by minute temperature data gives you the full picture of the frost/defrost and usage cycle. It can find irregularity in the frost/defrost cycle, which can alert you to prevent equipment issues. 

Sensors use bluetooth low energy, and generally work up to 100m within the line of sight. Some obstacles may reduce reception range.
For thick walls, probe sensors can be used, and for large scale operations multiple smart hubs can be deployed. 

Yes, Celsi has been tested to work with over 50+ sensors. Other types of sensors are also available for integration with the system: Doors open/closed sensor, leak detection, motion detection etc. 

Your Celsi temperature data is stored on Australian based cloud servers. There is no limit to how many times you access your data, and your historical data will go right back to the time of installation with no expiry (unless subscription is cancelled).
Temperature data and logs can be exported to Excel to allow for easy reporting.
Automated data reporting is a feature of the Celsi system, and can be configured to the end users requirements.

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